miércoles, diciembre 09, 2009

I Feel Fine....Entry On English...

Hi! readers of this!, my blog.

In the last days, i've had a lot of things to think, and do.

In first place, i have a new musical trauma, with The Beatles, since a few days ago i start to listen your songs, simply are amazings, i can't believe i was pass all my life, without meet that songs.

My list of favorite songs without any order(just of the Band "The Beatles")

Eleanor Rigby, I Feel Fine, Get Back, Paperback Writer, I am The Walrus, A Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Ticket To Ride, Hello Goodbye, etc.

And the list continue, but if i continue, not finish xD

Well, another new trauma, are the Guns N' Roses, but this is not so compulsive.

About of that, this trauma(talking about of the Guns), start of a curious way, on the Carlos's Job(my Best Friend)just like another thing....i have a new girlfriend hahaha.

Yes, friend reader, i have a girlfriend!(LOL).

And you wonder, as could happen? Well it's recent, three weeks ago to be more precise, on 21 November, had nothing to do, and my friend Carlos, I proposed to work with, at least on Saturday and accompany him that day, and accepts.

In this place I met Leticia, my girlfriend, a very pretty girl, who recently met her, but he has won my heart.

For today, I'll end the entry in English, wanted to mention something else, related to something that happened to me this day, something sad, but no, I will not.

Finally, a song dedicated to my Lety: I Feel Fine - The Beatles

I love you, my little girl...

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Marisol dijo...

Wiiiiiii pushu !!!! soy su primera seguidora xDD
Spero q tes bien ^O^ !!!

Shinjo dijo...

Damn... my eyes are bleeding...

You call THAT... english?!?!


Only because I feel sorry of you... I'm gonna give you a few tips...

When you refer to a woman... the right word is "she" not "he" because in that way... you are meaning to a guy (male)

"And you wonder, as could happen?"

O damn... you totally SUCK!


"And you wonder... how could /this/ happen?*


Your spanish is terrible... but your english... well... i have no words to describe this grammar crime...

So, my word of advice is... if you don't know how to write propertly in your own language... please... do NOT destroy another language... sheez...

I just made 2 corrections for you... but, almost every single word is badly structured...

It's just too funny to see... that I personally wrote a whole entry in English on my metroflog just because I wanted to the last Nov-30 and a week later... you do the same (well.. you tried, and failed) Coincidence?

Be Original... don't try to be like me, because you're going to fail... harder...

Well... if you are wondering why I'm wasting my time writing this little post in english for you... Simple... I recived the advice, that, once again, you copied me... you just copied my idea of an entry in english... and well, it's true...

I don't give a shit if you errase, ignore or block this post... but for the love of god... do NOT destroy this beautiful language with your abomination writing... and once again, I repeat you... if you have a problem with me... have the balls to say it right on my own face and stop hiding beyond a monitor

You pathetic (this word perfectly match with you, seriously...) coward...

Miguel_Hufflepuff dijo...

Dios mio ..... nunca había visto tantas faltas gramaticales en una sola redacción ...., si fuera un examen escrito estarías bajo 0 lol!. Sigo impresionado jajaja!

Anónimo dijo...

bien.. chompiix...! n.n
Como lo dijiste!!! Estabas practicando!!!
Y para una persona que no habla el idioma y mucho menos practicarlo esta bieen!!!..

Pero por diooos!!!
Yo puse una frase en ingles en mi metro
Eres un copion!!!!
Sin imaginacion!!!!

You have two legs like me!!!!
Eres un copiooon
sin imaginacion!!!!

Tu respiras al igual que yo!
Eres un copion sin imaginacioon!!!!!!

La persona sin imaginacion es aquella que cree, que el poner "algo" en ingles en su metroflog, es una idea super fantastica que se le ocurrio primeramente a el sobre toda la humanidad y que cualquier persona que lo haga es "un copion sin imaginacion" y que porsupuesto QUIERE SER COMO EL!


I love iu sope!!!

UPPPS.. sorry no!!!
Qiero ser como shinjo por hacer un comentario en ingles!!!!



Anónimo dijo...

Por cierto!


Anónimo dijo...

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